Sunday, 1 July 2012

Investors Love Brazil- From Doom to Boom Within a Decade

Brazil, the world's fifth largest country in the world, now boasts the world's sixth largest economy surpassing the UK. Brazil is the leading global producer of coffee, orange juice, tobacco, soy beans, sugar and iron ore, and since the turn of the century, Brazil has been experiencing a commodity boom that has encouraged the growth of it's exports; increasing them 400% from $50 billion to over $200 billion.

International investors agree, that it is time for Brazil to live up to it's promising future. They have come a long way from the days of out-of-control inflation in the early 1990's, when many people thought Brazil would never recover. Now it is living up to it's potential, and is forecast to continue it's strong growth, over the next two decades. This move could place Brazil as high as fourth in the world, for GDP.

Brazil knows that there will continue to be a need for their commodities, and that international investors are expecting that the demand; will continue to rise. Certainly no surprise to most, Chinese investors have positioned themselves as Brazil's largest partner in this commodity boom, and the relationship appears to be producing enormous benefits; for both countries.

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