Thursday, 2 August 2012

Container Investing is More of a Business Than an Investment

Many investment seekers are searching for an investment opportunity, that has demonstrated that it will consistently grow their wealth, while maintaining their investment principle. Ideally, this opportunity will provide the safety and security of a high-interest savings account, coupled with the performance of a high-yield investment.

In the past, investors have chosen to invest their money with established investment providers, who often favor a traditional approach to investing; which includes old-school commodities like gold. Disappointingly however, many Wall Street firms have been involved in investment scams and scandals, and commodities (such as gold) have performed poorly in the past; creating more concerns for apprehensive investors. Nevertheless, determined to avoid an investment scam and driven to uncover viable investing options, investors are seeking alternative investments; to improve the performance of their portfolio.

With that being said, container investments are an alternative approach to investing, which continues to rise in popularity; with a growing number of international investors. Although seen as more of a business opportunity than a traditional investment, container investing involves the purchase of shipping or cargo containers, which are then leased to international companies and shipping lines; with the help of an established container leasing and management company. In this instance, the alternative investment's return is determined by the price established in long-term leases, and therefore allows investors to generate a residual income; which can easily be forecasted.

With the exception of a traditional savings account from your local bank, I doubt that there is such a thing, as a safe investment. And, because most low risk opportunities fail to produce favorable returns, they are not a good choice for high yield investment seekers. For those seeking security for their hard-earned money, that will be complimented by dependable returns and sizable profits, deciding to buy shipping containers and then lease them to shipping lines; sounds to me like a good business opportunity.

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  1. Because so many of the traditional investments, like stocks, commodities and currency, have been offering poor returns, investors are actively seeking investment alternatives; that offer better rewards/risk.