Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Columbia Wants Investors to Make Investments in Their Future

Despite the fact that last year there was a record $15 Billion invested into it's economy, Columbia has a long way to go, before it can build a solid foundation; that will consistently encourage economic growth.

For example, transport infrastructure is in dire need of upgrades, if it is going to capitalise on the emerging global economy; in the next few years. Columbia needs to make investments into their ports, to upgrade them to be able to receive the new giant mega-container ships, that will bring even more shipping containers to the region; filled with important cargo to meet their consumer's demand.

Along with needed port investments, Columbia's railways and roads must be improved, if they are to successfully transport vital cargo; all around the country. Many of the other neighbouring South American countries, have prepared for the completion of the Panama Canal expansion project in 2014, and Columbia wants to be ready to accommodate the larger ships; carrying more shipping containers. However, in order to encourage the long-term prosperity that Columbia desires, they will need some investment help, from domestic and international investors.

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