Sunday, 15 July 2012

Growing Chinese Investment Could Dominate Western Economies

As the western world recovers at a slow and cautious pace, the Eastern world is moving full-steam ahead, making public and private investments in a variety of countries and industries; all around the world.

As a result of their industrious approach to investing, there appears to be a monumental shift occurring on the global economic stage, and the Chinese are leading the way; for a growing number of international investors. This eager group is steadily increasing their foothold in the world economy, at a remarkable pace. Just how much international influence, has resulted from China’s global investments? This still remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain. The opening of the expanded Panama Canal in 2014, will not only allow larger container ships to travel through, but it will also help drive China’s economic growth and potential dominance; of Western industries and economies.

Using the Shipping industry as an example, China has demonstrated to international investors, how important it is to make investments in industry improvements and upgrades. From a simple container investment to investing in ports and technology, countries must invest in their infrastructure, if they hope to remain competitive; in future markets. As Europe continues in a state of financial uncertainty, it is important now more than ever, for government officials to lead their nations in a prosperous economic direction. This approach must begin immediately and remaining focused and committed, for at least the next decade.

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