Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shipping Port Investments Signal Strong Industry Growth

Investors all around the world are taking notice of the enormous investments being made into shipping vessels and international shipping ports. Hundreds of countries and hundreds of millions of dollars, are committed to improving the longevity and performance, of the global shipping industry.

Although at the moment, the Panama Canal expansion project is the largest and most innovative shipping investment and undertaking in the world, shipping ports from Africa to the Americas are improving harbors, channels and container ports; in order to accommodate the rise in demand from container ships and consumers. Government officials and investors have overcome their apprehensions and realized that failure to invest in upgrades and improvements to their own shipping ports, means they will "miss the boat;" literally.

What does all of this international shipping investing mean to investors? The world is steadily moving away from the dark days of the Global Financial Crisis, and emerging markets are creating a rise in demand for shipping services, to supply their growing economies. As well, struggling and developing countries are working diligently to improve their economic situation, and meet the demands of their consumers. This has created opportunities, like shipping container investing, whereby investors can participate in the bustling shipping industry; and contribute to global economic growth as well.


  1. The Panama Canal was an engineering marvel 100 years ago when it was first built and changed the direction of world trade at the time. It is expected to do the same at this point in time as well.

  2. It will certainly be quite the sight to see when the Panama Canal Expansion opens in 2015. Fleets of giant container ships carrying millions of shipping containers as far as the eye can see.

  3. Emerging markets are the key to the future growth of the global economy. More consumers contributing increases it’s overall wealth. It just so happens that these emerging prosperous markets represents around 3 billion people. It is no wonder the global economy is forecast to continue to grow at record levels well into the future.

  4. Shipping containers make a good investment because they are tied to the global economy which continues to grow. The fact there is a global economic boom expected in the near future makes it a great investment opportunity.