Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Investors Expect A New Global Economic Era On The Horizon

As 2012 draws to a close, it brings 2015 that much closer. A mere two years away. It will certainly prove to be an interesting time in the global economy the next 24 months as the world’s countries continue to prepare for the imminent opening of The Panama Canal Expansion. It is expected that this particular event in world history will mark the beginning of the new global economic era of prosperity. The signs are all there and you don’t have to look very hard to see them. In some instances they are so huge you really can’t miss them. Like the giant post-panamax vessels, for a start.

Some of these container ships have already began to set sail around the world, carrying twice as many shipping containers as ever before. As a result, many nations have been scrambling to upgrade and modernize their ports to be certain they can supply the shipping industry's demands, collectively spending trillions of dollars; in order to do so. These infrastructure investments are creating tens of millions of new jobs, particularly in previously-poor countries that are now emerging as viable contributors, to the global economy. Places like India and China, Russia and South America, just to name a few. These new emerging consumer markets are continually fueling the global economy, as they grow their domestic prosperity levels, which in turn; grows the consumer demand.

Wherever there is growing consumer demand, there are opportunities for new business and investment. In the last ten years, global trade barriers have been relaxed and restructured leading to record levels of foreign investments and many global investors and firms alike have capitalized on them. This trend is expected to increase, as the investment community seeks access to the emerging markets, that are continuing to grow and prosper. The opening of the third lock of the Panama Canal by the year 2015, the global economy will be right on schedule to begin booming and signal the “unofficial” beginning of mankind's new 21st Century.

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