Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Shipping Industry Investments Signal Economic Boom is Coming

shipping port investing around the world
Although there are some who question the popular opinion that the international shipping industry is moving quickly toward a much more prosperous time, the monumental investments made by governments and shipping industry leaders around the world, are obviously in preparation for something really big. When we stop to consider that much of the world has been experiencing financial chaos and that sizable amounts (billions) of investment dollars are difficult to come by, these huge commitments are a strong indication that there is much more than just "popular opinion" driving the trillions of dollars in shipping industry related investments, all over the world.

Aside from the fact that they carry a hefty price tag of nearly $200 million each, the new mega-container ships being ordered (and delivered) by shipping industry leaders, can take approximately 2+ years to build. Moreover, the international port and infrastructure projects that are required to accommodate these gigantic vessels can be expected to take upwards of 5 years to complete. In accordance with this timeline, it appears that government leaders and shipping lines are expecting a huge economic boom that will arrive in 2015 and carry on for at least a decade afterward.

Much of the world's economic growth in the near future will be driven by the prosperity being experienced in emerging markets like Brazil, Africa and the UAE (to name only a few) and is expected to encourage enough international trade, to fill the decks of the new post-panamax vessels; with row upon row of shipping containers. In order to accomplish this however, it will take even more investing, except this time on the part of the global investment community. Private investors wishing to profit from the maritime shipping industry's growth, should take a moment to learn about investments that support the anticipated expansion and focus on opportunities that will continue to work to accommodate any additional demand.

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