Saturday, 19 July 2014

How I Earn a Steady Income From Investing In Alternatives

The Internet is littered with hundreds of thousands of "get-rich-quick" schemes and regrettably many investors have fallen for the lure of high return with minimum investment. The reality is though, and any investor will tell you this, it is hard to make a high return quickly without exposing yourself to risk.

One of main criteria for investments is: Can it return a steady income stream for me?. As an investor, I find tremendous value in knowing that my investments are both profitable AND provide long-term asset growth. When you factor in monthly dividends (or profits) from investments you will find that the overall return is significantly higher than most, and it is being accompanied by reduced overall risk, given that you are being paid out as your investment matures.

To be honest, there are not a lot of options when looking for this type of investment. Personally I prefer income producing assets, like real estate and investing in shipping containers, as both  provide me with a monthly dividend. Albeit income property most often comes with the added burden of having to chase after people and payments, my shipping container investments all return a steady profit each month while being managed by industry professionals. Let me take a moment to explain further ...

I have chosen to hire a broker to manage the containers I have purchased in order to simplify my involvement. Each month I receive a check with my profits - and sometimes it isn't much - however, it IS a return placed in my bank account each month without having to do anything outside of my initial investment. In fact, the company I am using to broker my container leasing has been paying me monthly dividends for 3 years and I continue to receive monthly checks from my initial investment. Furthermore - with regards to my exit strategy, my shipping container retain much of their value of time and can be sold anytime I am ready. When we compare this to real estate income properties, paying off the asset (condo, house etc) usually takes a great deal of time (15 to 20 years sometimes) and the real estate markets can be very volatile when it comes time to sell.

All things considered, alongside my modest holdings in traditional offerings (stocks, bonds, etc.,) I continue to earn a steady profit each month from my investments in alternatives. This traditional-nontraditional approach has consistently delivered performances and returns that, over the years, few other investment strategies have provided me.

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