Sunday, 6 November 2016

Reviewing Shipping Container Investments With Pacific Tycoon

After a two year hiatus from container investing I am considering a return to Pacific Tycoon or perhaps a competitor that offers shipping container investments.

I have managed my own investment portfolio for more than two decades. I have held traditional investments like stocks and bonds, and I have experimented with alternative investments like shipping container investments. If asked to choose a favorite between the two (traditional or alternative), undoubtedly I would choose a non-traditional approach. From my perspective, investing in alternatives has lowered my exposure to unnecessary risk and delivered steady returns year after year.

My introduction to alternative investments came half-a-decade ago when I invested with a container leasing company called Pacific Tycoon. The company offered investments in shipping containers with returns of 12% and a container buy-back option. This was a marked departure from the other alternatives, like precious metals and real estate investments, I had experimented with in the past.

My container investment with Pacific Tycoon paid me returns each month and, before the end of the second year, I exercised the company's buy-back option and moved my proceeds back into traditional investments. Looking back at the volatility of the markets over the last few years, I should have left my money with Pacific Tycoon! With that being said, I have begun to carefully review options to (once again) include containers in my portfolio.

I am considering a return to Pacific Tycoon. However, before doing so, I would like to review the company very carefully. Also I would like to look into their competition and survey other offers to invest in containers. After all, there has been talk that Pacific Tycoon is a scam and some people have left poor reviews about the company. From my viewpoint I don't believe it. My exposure to the company was favourable and other investors had a similar experience with Pacific Tycoon.

Here is what I know. My shipping container investments paid me very well for nearly 24 months; far better than the traditional investments have performed for me in the two years since. I like the fact that the exposure to risk is low, and that Pacific Tycoon was always consistent with my monthly returns. All things considered though, I will look closely at the competition before jumping in with both feet again.

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