Sunday, 10 August 2014

How To Choose Investing Options That Will Meet Your Needs

Creating a sound investment strategy is not always the most simple of tasks to accomplish. There are a number of well-established factors, as well as even more unique factors from your own point of view, that must be considered and addressed in order to properly determine your best strategy for investing. Given that each investor has unique needs and desired outcomes, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy. What works for someone else may not match up to your desired return outcomes and long-term goals. For instance, if earning a steady profit from your investments is the strategy for investing you have chosen, then you must make sure to seek-out opportunities that pay out dividends or "for-use" fees on your investment. This usually involves finding income producing assets that have a proven to provide a dividend or similar payout.

One of the proven ways of doing this is to create (what I call) a "matrix" on a spreadsheet. Doing this will illustrate your goals, identify your risk tolerance, and clearly define the desired outcome you expect from your investments. To begin, write out the return you expect on a piece of paper. Also include which of the common risk factors are of concern to you and the types of investing opportunities you are looking for. Then, begin conducting in-depth research to uncover investment types that have already demonstrated that they can meet/exceed your needs. Once again, if earning a steady profit is your goal, you are going to want to find asset purchases that are used regularly, and that usage is paid for. This includes investments like real estate (apartments, income properties or rental units), container investments (rental/lease fees) and others. Depending on how your matrix is established, you may have a lot of cash to invest, and therefore are more apt to try real estate investments; or perhaps instead you have chosen a steady return strategy as your preferred criteria. If this is the case, then the advantages of shipping container investing should certainly be considered.

When weighing your options, it is paramount that you stick closely to the investment plan that you have created (above) and only select the opportunities that meet its criteria. When necessary, find investor reviews that can help to address any underlying concerns and increase your confidence. With this in mind, I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to take the time to set the record straight about investments and investing returns, especially if you intend to make an educated decision about your financial future.

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